February 18, 2019

Dümmen Orange New Timau Show-house ideal for high altitude rose growers

The Timau/Nanyuki region in Kenya boasts of refreshing natural surroundings, with undulating hills and a beautiful backdrop of Mount Kenya to its South. The area sits at about 2,550m asl and is home to a good number of well established high altitude rose growers. It is here that Dümmen Orange has established its new showhouse, within the confines of Timaflor’s latest farm, Altima. Altima farm was established in 2018 and is yet another addition to the Timaflor portfolio which is built on growing top quality roses. The name Altima is a contraction of altitude and Timaflor.

Time Saver
Before unveiling of the new Dümmen Orange showhouse, high altitude rose growers had to conduct trials at their own farms first before settling on which varieties would best suit their respective commercial strategies. The new showhouse sits ideally as a time saver for a grower who wishes to find out the growth characteristics of any rose variety before-hand.

Longer stems / bigger heads
The showhouse enables Dümmen Orange and Jan Spek Rozen to display the best characteristics of their premium varieties. With high altitude, the rose varieties displayed have larger than average heads, longer stems, better colors and higher petal count.

Open Day
A good number of highland rose growers from farms within the Nanyuki region and beyond converged at the new showhouse for two open days. It was evident from the various reactions from visiting growers that the new showhouse posed as an industry game changer in many ways. The showcase had more than 100 rose varieties in full bloom which also included roses from other breeders represented by Dümmen Orange in Africa, i.e. Jan Spek Rozen, G Rose, Esmeralda Breeding.

  Source: https://www.flowerweb.com/en/article/202342

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