January 10, 2019

Dümmen Orange presents GreenGuard Poinsettias at customer seminar

Global plant breeder and propagator introduces biological protected poinsettia production to the European market

Each year, Dümmen Orange holds its Poinsettia Seminar in Rheinberg, Germany to kick off the new sales season with German growers. This year the seminar will be held on the 11th of January. Together with customers and business partners, Dümmen Orange evaluates the past year and looks ahead to the new year, while collecting feedback. Dümmen Orange aims for creating added value through great lectures and fruitful discussions. Next to this we work on improving our joint collaboration by discussing and sharing information on challenges and solutions. Of course we will present the new Dümmen Orange poinsettia assortment to our customers, next to poinsettia novelties and highlights for the coming 2019 season.

This year Dümmen Orange will also give its customers a sneak peek ahead of IPM 2019 by presenting our sustainably grown poinsettias for the European market. This is our next new crop that we grow according to our GreenGuard protocol (‘Minimal Chemicals, Maximum Quality’), following last year’s first GreenGuard crop, our pot chrysanthemums. Our experiences with the pot mums are really good, the quality of the cuttings for example has improved significantly. The use of pesticides is increasingly becoming a social issue. NGO’s, retailers, growers and end consumers demand a reduction in use of chemical crop protection in cuttings and flower production. The GreenGuard protocol is Dümmen Orange’s response to meet growers and consumers demands by producing poinsettia with two-thirds less of chemical load. GreenGuard enables our customers to start with beneficial organisms right away and results in a resilient crop producing cuttings of excellent quality.

Manuela van Leeuwen (Phytosanitary officer and Coordinator Global Sustainability with Dümmen Orange) says, “With an eye for innovation and sustainability, Dümmen Orange is developing a future in which the level of chemical pesticides on our cuttings is reduced significantly to protect people and the environment. I am proud that we are bringing our GreenGuard poinsettias to the European market and I am looking forward to all our products to follow.”

GreenGuard follows the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) principles. IPM is an ecosystem-based strategy that focuses on long-term prevention of pests and diseases through a combination of techniques such as beneficial organisms, growing resilient crops, intensive monitoring, hygiene protocols and bio-pesticides application. GreenGuard pest control materials are selected and applied in a manner that minimizes risks to human health, beneficial and non-target organisms, and the environment. Furthermore recent researches confirm that pests populations and diseases are getting more resistant towards chemicals. The IPM approach appears not only to be sustainable but also the most effective solution.

Because of our new GreenGuard poinsettias we are also proud to welcome two acknowledged experts in their field of expertise as guest speakers to our seminar, Rainer Wilke of Pflanzenschutzdienst NRW and Hans Walkenbach of Koppert Biological Systems. Rainer Wilke will share his views and knowledge on the possibilities and limitations of fighting white fly via a biological approach. Based on his experience and work, Hans Walkenbach will discuss the possibilities of using beneficials against white fly.

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Noelia Mansilla - Senior Vice President Commercial Operations EMEA
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