September 20, 2018

Raising awareness of Basewell™-

Wearing a Basewell™-Branded Hat at Cultivate (NA) Led to a Free Hawaii Trip for One Attendee

Columbus, OH, September 12, 2018 | Dümmen Orange is excited to award Elaine Kavanagh of Cottage Gardens as the winner of its five-day Hawaii vacation giveaway.

The contest was quite simple: wear a Basewell™-branded hat around the Cultivate exhibit floor and stop by the Dümmen Orange booth to enter to win. In turn, Kavanagh, among hundreds of others, helped generate awareness for the new rooting technology.


About Basewell

Basewell™ is a new product form that combines the benefits of URC and RC, utilizing
an off-shore propagation process to deliver high quality bare-root cuttings directly to the grower. It is more mature than a URC with visible root development. It can be planted directly into a finished container and can finish in equal time to an equivalent rooted cutting.

Basewell™ simplifies processes through quick, uniform crops with easy ordering. It optimizes space with off-shore rooting and creates room for more production turns. It also saves labor, as it’s adaptable to different kinds of automatization and provides faster transplanting by hand.

Basewell™ availability in North America is now live for the spring annual season (weeks 40-20). Customers are encouraged to reach out to their preferred broker partner to join the Basewell™ network by placing their first order.  For Europe the introduction is planned and first trials from farms show positive results!

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